Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

As I’m posting this recipe I am actually on my very first trip through Vietnam. The recipe however, was created a few weeks before my trip, in anticipation to this epic yummy holiday.

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich, made with a super light and crispy French baguette. It dates back to the time when Vietnam was a French colony – and so this traditional European bread is filled with Vietnamese flavours. Banh Mi is often made with a mixture of grilled meat and paté, then stuffed with pickles and fresh herbs. I’ve left out the paté for my banh mi, but nothing keeps you from adding a bit to it.

I developed this recipe for Cactus News magazine as part of their Food Heroes project, in which they showcase local producers whose products you can buy at Cactus. This recipe is using a baguette ‘Pains & Tradition’, leas by Jean Kirchner in Bascharage. You can read more on the artisanal bread production here.

Also, the recipe is available in German and in French.


February 25, 2015