Roast Pumpkin Soup with Blue Cheese

Autumn for me is soup season for sure! I’m making a new batch of soup with seasonal veg every week and freeze a few portions for unplanned mid-week lunches/dinners.

One thing I’ve started doing since I’ve been living in the UK is sprinkling every soup with some kind of topping. From crunchy flavoured bread croutons and roasted nuts to a dollop of pesto or herby crême fraiche – there’s always something extra that comes with my soups. For this roasted pumpkin soup, I’ve decided to make use of some Stilton (British blue cheese) that was lying around in my fridge. And, just like that, my humble pumpkin soup turns into a super duper flavoursome autumn star! Proof for the magic powers of the soup topping!

I developed this recipe for Cactus News magazine as part of their Food Heroes project, in which they showcase local producers whose products you can buy at Cactus. This recipe is using pumpkin from local pumpkin farmer Christian Hahn, who’s based in Roodt. You can read more on Christian Hahn’s pumpkin farm here.

Also, the recipe is available in German and in French.


October 11, 2015