White Bean and Cashew Nut Dip

I love hummus. I always have a tub sitting in my fridge, ready for peckish nibbling or for feeding to unexpected guests with a glass on wine. Hummus is great.

I’ve made it quite a few times back in my uni days, the proper way, from scratch. But soaking chickpeas overnight, then cooking them for hours and hours and waiting for them to cool down before actually making the hummus is pretty labour-intensive. I’ve tried making hummus from canned chickpeas, but can’t get over how much their smell (and hence taste) remind me ever so slightly of catfood…

So, for this recipe I’ve decided to ditch the standard chickpeas and make a dip from white cannelini beans – canned, since these actually smell and taste alright.

This recipe uses cashew nuts as a texture and flavour enhancer, but you could easily use hazelnuts or almonds instead. I also added a handful of basil, which adds a bit of summery freshness. Again, you could use olives instead, sundried tomatoes, pesto or toasted cumin seeds. There are so many variations to play with, just go wild and experiment!

August 27, 2012