Momofuku Milk Bar’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

For those of you who wonder what this recipe title is all about – it’s actually referring to a New York bakery that belongs to the incredible Momofuku empire, run by David Chung. Chung is the guy who brought us the current ramen craze and the guy who made pork bao buns the coolest thing ever. The queues at his NY restaurants are long. No matter what time you go.

But Chang didn’t stop at savoury trendsetters. He opened up Milk Bar, a sweet dessert place that serves wacky cakes and cookies. This is also the place that came up with ‘cereal milk ice cream‘ (yes, use your breakfast cereal milk as a base for your ice creams or curstards!).

Their cookbook Momofuku Milk Bar lists lots of interesting cake creations, but it was the simple chewy chocolate cookies that I instantly wanted to make. Christina Tosi – Chang’s baking queen who runs Milk Bar – uses milk powder in her cookies – an ingredient which I don’t really have lying around my kitchen. So instead, I opted for custard powder – which is way more common and also adds to the vanilla flavour that’s already present in the cookies.

As for the chocolate content: I’ve used half of the original recipe’s amount – HALF! Yes, Milk bar puts a whopping 340g chocolate chips in – that’s way too much chocolate for me.

For this particular batch, I used a mix of dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and – drumroll – smoked chocolate chips! I came across these at Dean & Deluca on my recent trip to NYC, and I just HAD to buy them! Chocolate and smoke?! Hell yes, it’s incredible. I can only compare it to eating a cookie near a campfire – and what’s not to love about that?!

So, happy baking!

PS: Check out Chang’s super cool food magazine Lucky Peach.

August 23, 2015