Rhubarb Cheesecake

Anne’s Kitchen is back!

After months of hibernation I’ve finally managed to move into my dream flat – with the nicest kitchen in town, tons and tons of natural light and a roof terrace! It doesn’t get better than this! So, I’m finally able to cook, bake and most importantly photograph again!

My first post after such a long time back is concentrating on a combination of my favourite things: rhubarb and cheesecake! Aren’t they both absolutely fantastic? The tangyness of pink rhubarb mixed with the indulgent creaminess of cheesecake is simply hard to beat.

This is actually a bit of a lighter cheesecake, not so heavy and dense as the American cheesecakes. It’s more like a continental European cheesecake, fluffy and light. The secret lies in beating eggwhites to snow and carefully incorporating that with the cream cheese, to create a far lighter cheese-mix. Try for yourselves and see which one you prefer, US or European cheesecake? I for myself can’t decide, I love them all!!!

As for how to serve it – best with a nice cup of coffee, and if you want some rhubarb compote. Lovely! ★

May 7, 2011