Coconut Victoria Sponge Cake

God Save The Queen – and give her some cake!

It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend, and the whole of the UK is going nuts. The Brits received two extra bank holidays and ended up with 4 epic days of celebrations. From a huge boat flotilla with over 1000 boats parading in patriotic colours on the Thames, to a star-studded concert outside Buckingham Palace anda carriage-parade of a waving Queen

So, it’s now or never to be cheesily patriotic in Britain. People (including me) have decorated their homes with Union Jack bunting while pubs are serving innumerous pitcher of Pimms.

I had the great fun of filming a few streetparties (the video is here) where people were dressed up patriotically, ate British food and just had great fun in the rain – because, the weather was obviously very British too for this occasion.

We really are clebrating all things British at the moment. So, what better pretext to make a deliciously traditional British cake: a Victoria sponge cake.

As always, I’ve slightly changed the classic and come up with a bit of a twist on the traditional recipe. My cake is spiked with coconut, which adds a really interesting dimension to a typical sponge cake.

Don’t be put off by the idea of coconut, it’s very subtle and just works amazingly well with the tangy raspberry and juicy strawberries. A match definitely fit for a Queen (and a King).

So go on, feel the hidden Brit inside of you and bake this beautifully patriotic cake (this also works if you’re absolutely not British at all and feel no affinity to this country, seriously, try it!).

June 5, 2012