Episode 7: Berlin / German Classics

If I wasn’t living in London, I’d definitely be in Berlin! The eclectic German capital is the ideal place to wrap of my culinary adventures.

In this episode I am visiting Berlin’s one and only Currywurst-Museum and I get to discover historic dishes from the GDR.

In my kitchen I’m making a Schnitzel,  a German-inspired Bouneschlupp (a Luxembourgish bean soup) and an awesome Currywurst.

I bought this week’s outfits at the following stores:

Green dress (kitchen): Blutgeschwister
Red cardigan (kitchen): House of Faser, Linea
Pink Flower dress (Berlin): Oasis

December 4, 2014

2 thoughts on “Episode 7: Berlin / German Classics

  1. Everyone has had some passion to eat or taste the different country or culture foods. one of the most expecting country is German. And you share the most important recipes. thanks a lot to do this.

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